Terms and conditions

Hotel Reservations

1. All Rates are subject to change based on availability be it to increase or decrease without prior notice and at the sole discretion of MINT Hotels.

2. All Rates are per night per room single or sharing for either a room, suite, apartment or villa, as indicated. MINT Hotels do not charge per person rates for accommodation and only charge per person for meals or conference and events packages.

3. All Rates are for accommodation i.e Room Only, unless otherwise specified or booked.

4. The abbreviations “B&B” means bed and breakfast and “DBB” means dinner, bed and breakfast when booked.

5. Rates on our website are only available for transient business and are not available for groups or conferences. Specific rates apply to groups and will be dealt with separately by the specific Hotel.

6. All Rates are nett and non-commissionable and include VAT.

7. All reservations that are made directly or on the MINT Hotels website can be cancelled at any time, and are fully refundable if pre-paid, MINT Hotels does not charge cancellation fees for individual travellers – except when contracted differently. Groups, conferences and events will be contracted separately.

8. Certain rates require a non-refundable prepayment to be confirmed, the rates are specifically published as that of participating OTA’s (Online Travel Agents). Please check the Policies and Details when booking, to determine the payment policy. These are for OTA’s such as Booking.com, Airbnb but is not limited to these.

• Reservations confirmed on a prepaid rate are in certain circumstances subject to 100% cancellation fees should they be modified or cancelled. These circumstances are subject to the specific hotel having to pay commission fees to a specific booking channel. Please confirm with the relevant hotel, if you cancel directly on the OTA MINT Hotels will waiver cancellations fees.

• Please note that for rates that do not require prepayment, such as direct bookings via telephone calls, emails or website or indirect bookings from an OTA, these will not be charged if you amend or cancel this booking using the same channel you booked with.

• If a reservation made on a rate that does require prepayment, is not cancelled before or on the day of arrival, the guest is subject to a charge equal to one night’s accommodation. This amount will be charged to the guest’s credit card or virtual card provided by an OTA.

• The credit card used to confirm and pay for a reservation is required to be presented on check-in at the hotel. An imprint of this card will be taken by the hotel on check-in, to prove the card was present. If your transaction requires further authentication e.g. Payment confirmation on your phone or an OTP (one time pin) then this transaction will be 3D authenticated by your bank and your credit card will NOT be required to be presented on check in.

• All accommodation provided in terms of any booking made on this website will be subject to the standard MINT Hotels terms and conditions of the residence of the hotel concerned.

• Certain special promotions and rates carry their own terms and conditions which apply accordingly.

• All MINT Hotels rates are inclusive of taxes and levies charged.

• Payment for any reservations or other services for which fees may be charged by MINT Hotels shall be payable by you on departure from the specific hotel in question or, where applicable, shall be debited to your account after departure.

The rates payable by you in respect of the provision by MINT Hotels of any services and/or goods, including but not limited to the provision of accommodation at the hotel of your choice, shall be the current applicable rates of the hotel specified by you.

Non-Refundable Rates – Payment going through our Payment Gateway will secure full payment and debit the credit card used in making the booking. Booking will be non-refundable on cancellation or amendments made.

Other Rates – Credit card details on the website are merely to secure a reservation and does not constitute payment in respect of the services to be provided by MINT Hotels. MINT Hotels reserves the right to debit your credit card with a cancellation fee equal to 1 night’s accommodation if a reservation is not cancelled before or on the day of arrival such as a No Show.

Preferred Business Relationship agreement will supersede any generic Terms & Conditions relating to deposits, payments and cancellations as these are contracted separately.

The Guest(s) hereby agrees that this transaction constitutes an electronic transaction as defined in the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 2002 and that a binding agreement has been concluded between the Hotel and the guest(s) authorising the Hotel to deduct or to debit the credit card for payments for services rendered to the guest(s). The hand signature of the customer/client shall not be required for authorisation purposes.

By clicking the “booking now” button, the guest(s) signifies and accepts all terms and conditions contained on our website www.minthotels.co.za